Over the 20 years experience from 1995  to 2015, HAIA has designed more than hundreds of large and small projects in across the country, the range of design extends from hospital, university, hotel, resort, office building, commercial center, theme park, clubhouse, house as well as urban master planning around 20ha - 3.000ha.

Currently, HAIA has known based on the accuracy, honest and fairness.

Responsibility and professional ethics are the main spirit in the creative process and design.

Many of our projects have been acknowledged by the national architectural awards.




Find out and order from architecture, structure to details.
Organize functions useful and clearly. 


Organize for the clearest solution for your ideas.
Strive for the simplicity of project.

Variety and uniformity

Stylished from the variety of cultures, local architecture to become a modern
and uniform architectural language.


Youtube channel: https://tinyurl.com/y9uxad7u